Mourinho answered the question about getting to the Champions Leagu

José Mourinho

José Mourinho answered the question about getting to the Champions League.

After 36 matches played, Roma is in 6th place in the standings with 60 points. The gap from Milan, which is fourth in the standings, is 4 points.

“I have never talked about the goal of getting to the Champions League. I always try to be honest.

There are coaches, players, clubs who play only one European Cup final in their lives, and they are lucky. Imagine that we will do this twice. It is a great season for me because it is going to be momentous anyway. But I want to play this final match in the Europa League.

Was Tiago Pinto talking about the Champions League? This is his problem. Pinto is the manager, and I am the coach. We are very close friends, but we can have different opinions. That was never on the agenda. We can make history, and we want to make it again.

But it is not even a miracle to get the UCL spending 7 million on transfers. It is Jesus Christ, who went to Rome and walked around the Vatican,” Mourinho said.

Roma can get to the Champions League, even not being in the top four in Serie A standings. They must defeat Sevilla in the Europa League final.