Ireland vs Serbia: prediction for 7.09.2021

Ireland vs Serbia prediction

On 7 September 2021 at 21:45 Moscow time, the national team of Ireland will play against the national team of Serbia in a home match. The match will take place as part of the 6th round of the qualifying cycle of the 2022 World Cup in qualifying group A. Having made the prediction for the match Ireland – Serbia, we determined the likely outcome of the upcoming match.

how do the teams perform in the current qualifying cycle? 

In order to make the prediction for the match Ireland – Serbia more informative, let’s recall how the teams performed in the previous rounds of the World Cup 2022 qualifying cycle. The Irish national team started the qualification for the world championship with a defeat against Serbia (2:3) in a road game, then the team lost to Luxembourg (0:1) in a home match, lost to Portugal (1:2), and drew with Azerbaijan (1:1). 

The national team of Serbia, after victory in a home match over Ireland (3:2), drew with Portugal (2:2), defeated Azerbaijan (1:2), and defeated Luxembourg (4:1) in a home match. 

As for the table positions of the teams, after 4 matches played, the Irish national team is in 4th place in the standings and has one point scored. The team scored 4 goals and conceded 7 goals. The gap with the first place is 9 points.

The national team of Serbia heads group A. After 4 matches, the team has 10 points scored (Portugal has the same amount of points, but it has a worse goal difference between goals scored and conceded). The team scored 11 goals and conceded 6 goals.

the history of the confrontation and the likely outcome of the match

The history of the confrontation between the teams has six matches played. In order to make the prediction for the match Ireland– Serbia more informative, let’s consider the results of these matches:

  • 24.05.2008 Ireland – Serbia 1:1;
  • 15.08.2012 Serbia – Ireland 0:0;
  • 05.03.2014 Ireland – Serbia 1:2;
  • 05.09.2016 Serbia – Ireland 2:2;
  • 05.09.2017 Ireland – Serbia 0:1;
  • 24.03.2021 Serbia – Ireland 3:2.

The first match between the teams within this qualifying cycle ended with a tense victory for the Serbian national team on the home field. Ireland in that match was the first to take the lead, but by the end of the match, the team had to try to win the advantage back. However, the Irish did not have enough time to get away from defeat. In the upcoming match, the gameplay will develop similarly – Serbia will play in an attacking manner, put pressure on the opponent’s goal, and score at least two goals. The Irish will probably be able to score too. However, the victory will be won by the Serbian national team, because the team at the moment looks stronger than its opponent.

The likely outcome is the victory of the national team of Serbia.