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Let’s get things straight, we use cookies as almost any modern Internet project does. Basically, this makes your interaction with Bettonus relatively easier, convenient and, certainly means no harm whatsoever.

By the means of the following text, you can find more about cookies as such, and how and why we actually use them on our website.

In brief, cookies allow you to have an access to the history of browser visits, any attempts to reach our support team and the like. Yet, we get unique opportunity to analyze user requests, focus direction of our development and, accordingly, services we aim to provide, without having to bother our customers with all kinds of surveys or questionnaires.

In below, you should be able to learn in details, what cookies practically are, and how we use them on our website, so to avoid any misunderstandings. Thank you.


«We» are the Bettonus websites, in particular: Bettonus, including all internal pages on this domain.

In technical terms, cookies are small data files, which your browser creates while you are visiting any webpage. Then it stores them in order to speed up your work whenever you may decide to visit this web site again. That explains why, from time to time people clear up their cookies, so to avoid any conflicts or contradictions among them.

In fact, it can be compared to short or long term memory, which is responsible for remembering various visitors.

Let’s imagine, if you happen to meet some person for the first time and remember the way they looked that time. Perhaps, at the second meeting you would not have to waste time getting to know them from the scratch again. Indeed, the more you learn about some person, the easier it would be to communicate with them every time you meet and even probably be able to foresee their wants and desires.

Funny enough, this technology has long roots and has been around for a while. It is only in 2018, when customers were informed of it in details, due to the new law, which came in force that year, protecting their personal data.

Hence, it is not just our task but obligation, to inform you of details, how and why for we use cookies. We would do that anyways but still.

How do we use cookies?

There is an application form on our website, which asks you to input your payment system data, your contact details and probably leave a message if needed. Hence, we use cookie technology inbuilt in this online form; otherwise, we would not be able to implement this function. Probably, you have heard of printer drivers before? Similar, in a way.

We also promote our website in various social media and refer to them. In their turn, cookies link social network plugins to our website.

For internal analysis, we tend to use tools such as Google Analytics. These services allow to record the following data concerned with you: your IP address, the browser you used, the source which you came from to our website, how much time did you spend browsing, how often you came back, where you clicked and in what other way you interacted with the web site. Undoubtedly, all listed in the above requires the use of cookies, which effectively helps us to make our website more informative and functional, running smoothly and nicely.

In order to communicate with our highly valued clients, we tend to use the service called JivoSite. It collects information about user’ IP and one’s previous dialogues, so our operator can see the history when this person calls again. Whenever you type a message in a chat box, our operator immediately sees your text, even if you have not sent it yet. 

Third party resources

It is common practice that in some of our articles, we do refer or direct you to some other websites (and provide links for them), we may also mention some of their information or videos. Those websites, in turn, may use cookies differently in compare to us, therefore we recommend you to learn more about the third-party provider’s Cookies Policy, in order to avoid any potential issues, in case you may have some concerns.

After all, decision is totally yours.

We have written this article with purpose, so that you could clearly understand how we use this technology and consequently, make an informed choice of your own.

In case you may feel that all or some of the items or causes listed in the above are unacceptable to you, please do not use our website.

However, if you decide to continue using it that should automatically mean that you fully understand and agree with the information provided in the above.

You can always choose to disable cookies in your browser settings and in that case we wouldn’t be able to use this technology in your particular case and probably not just us but other web sources. That may significantly reduce or completely disable some features of our service, but your privacy would not be violated by any means. The choice is always yours.

Please note that each particular country has its own laws regarding the cookies. That may differ to some extent in minor or even major details, yet, in general, being rather similar. Please bear such legislation in mind, during the course of using our site.

In addition, you can search for more detailed information on the Internet, in case you may with to make more informed or weighted decision. For instance, you can even read about cookies in Wikipedia or similar source of information.

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