ecoCard is a universal method to use the ecoPayz account,

for cash withdrawals in ATMs or shopping

  • the registration process is nice and easy;
  • selection of three different currencies;
  • worldwide access via mobile application;
  • new contactless cards.

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In simple terms, ecoCard is a prepaid payment plastic card, which is linked to an ecoPayz account. This card allows you to withdraw cash almost anywhere, as long as there is an ATM machine in operation. Also, it can be used for all kinds of shopping, whereas the expiration period stands at two years. Importantly, ecoPayz only issues cards in accordance with the corresponding license, which has been strictly following the electronic money legislation.

Unbeatable advantages of ecoCard

Fast, yet reliable issue process. No need for an existing bank account, nor credit history, during the course of ordering the card. The card is to be sent to the postal address.

Comes with three different currencies of your choice. It is quite possible to have one in the USD, Euro, and pound sterling. In case you may need to, you can order all three of them.

Accessibility. Depositing is not an issue at all, as it is pretty easy. All you need to do is deposit your ecoPayz account by the means of the most convenient to you method. Though, money is spendable worldwide.

Mobile app ecoPayz which allow to issue or cancel cards, totally controllable at the palm of your hand via your mobile device.

Contactless payments are available, using the most up to date contactless payment technology, allowing to make a payment within the matter of seconds, without having to input PIN code (up to €150 per transaction), remains the security and protection levels at their highs.

How can you get an ecoCard

This card is available to all residents of 31 countries EU/EAA, which have already verified their account and obtained the Silver level or above. However, in case you have registered by the means of the Bettonus link, that is not a problem at all, because:

You can walk through the verification process within 24 hours during workdays, without the need to make an initial payment and quite possibly, waving the selfie.

Lifelong Gold level is to be granted as a present from Bettonus, right after the completion of verification process.

List of the countries, where the card is available

(please note that it may change):






Czech Republic







Great Britain



















Card ordering procedure

Step 1. Account registration

Please follow the Bettonus link, so to get our free bonuses along with your new account.

Please fill joining loyalty program form on this website (it is required). Verify your account in accordance with our instructions. In case you already have an account, please proceed to step 2 straight away.

Step 2. Application process as to the issue of the card

Please proceed to the cards’ chapter and fill out the form. It will be sent out to you within a matter of a few days.

Step 3. Activation of your new card

Once the card has been received by post, please do not forget to go into your account and activate it.

ecoCard Tariffs

ecoCard Limits

Limits may slightly vary in accordance with the level assigned to your account.

Attention please: citizens and residents of France and French territories are limited by the local legislation to the amount of daily cash withdrawal, whereas the maximum amount stands at €1000 per day.

So, why is it better to get your card together with Bettonus? Because it is rather convenient:

your card limits will be much higher straightaway as all of our users get their Gold level immediately;

the verification process is quicker and significantly easier because special conditions apply to all Bettonus users;

at any stage, you can address any question to the technical Bettonus support via online chat at this website.

Go on, get yourself registered with ecoPayz, and order your card with Bettonus!