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Skrill account verification may sound a bit scary but it is nothing more than just a method to double-check your personal data for security reasons, making sure that everything works smoothly for you within the Skrill payment system. Basically, it is all about checking your identity, residence address, and proof of account ownership.

After all, it is a mandatory obligation, so that your e-wallet functions work at the full rate, being secure at the same time.

Our loyalty program members go through the following stages:

Full account verification is based on a rapid and priority basis.

All possible issues or matters are quickly solved by our highly qualified and well-trained team members.

Absence of an entry fee, before the verification process.

3 easy ways to complete Skrill verification process

via Facebook

(partial verification)

via uploading required documents

via Skrill mobile


The logical question to be asked is, which one from the above would be a golden middle? Servicing a compromise for all parties involved and things required. Probably the best way is to send all of the documents from the Skrill account, yet, paying maximum attention to the requirements and demands as to those documents, their type, and origin.

In order to prove your identity, you need

  • valid passport (recent photo and not be expired);
  • both sides of ID card;
  • travel document, the first two pages.

Verification of your address requires

  • registration address stated in your passport;
  • utility bill with a clear vision of your name and address, being the same as in your Skrill account;
  • a clear scan of your bank account, the full page, without any cuttings or enlargements;
  • any other official document containing your name and address, ideally issued by some trustful authority.

The final stage, proof of you being the owner of your Skrill account, due to security purposes

In order to do so, we need you to basically make a selfie with your face and a piece of paper, with handwritten word Skrill on it as well as the original date the verification documents were sent off. All of this must be totally visual, without any covers, etc. Thanks for understanding.

Requirements to the documents

Only color copies or scans are acceptable, easy to read and look at, no blurring or out of focus, please.

Surely documents must not be expired as of such or be issued no later than within 3 months period to the date you sent them to Skrill.

Make sure that the selfie is of top-quality, surely, you can manage that – visible and readable.

Photo size should not exceed 5 Mb, otherwise system will not accept them. Please not that acceptable photo format is – .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png или .pdf, whereas “selfie” can be only of two formats – .png and .jpg.

Strictly do not apply any editors/photoshops to your photos as that may lead to the failure of the overall verification process.

Alright then, given the fact that you went successfully through the account registration process, followed by submitted loyalty program application and reviewed all necessary instructions, we have the final range of five stepping stones for you:

Stepping stone 1

Log into your Skrill e-wallet, proceed to “settings”, opt for the “verify” option, choosing from the drop-down menu “verify now”. Then select the verification method but in this particular case, please go to “upload images”, ignoring Skrill’s message about this slow method as it is the best compromise for users, despite its slightly slow motion.

Stepping stone 2

It is the right time of getting to your identity verification. Please take a glance at the menu, which should help you identify the type of document you are about to provide as well as the country it was issued by. Then upload the corresponding document from your device and proceed to the next stage.

Stepping Stone 3

This stage is concerned with you being able to confirm the ownership of your account. As you probably remember, you need to provide the picture with your face on it, holding a white piece of paper with handwritten word Skrill and the relevant date, i.e. the date of you taking that picture.

Stepping Stone 4

It is an address verification point, where you need to choose from the drop-down menu, the type, and origin of the document you are about to provide. Then please upload a relevant file from your device via selecting the “upload ready images” option.

Stepping Stone 5

A summary of the stages of the document verification is to be displayed in your Skrill account summary.

Bettonus verification process is an absolute priority and won’t take you long.

Still, don’t you forget, after the successful account registration, to send us the filled-in loyalty program application form (please find the form just below). Ten simply have a look into your mailbox, so to find a confirmation email, leading you to rather joyful participation in our truly unique loyalty program.

Now become a member of Bettonus & Skrill Loyalty Program!