terms and conditions

The small print, please do read in details please.

Bettonus customer must be at least of or over 18 years of age.

Bettonus does not apply any fees to its program members.

ecoPayz account needs to be created in order to join Bettonus program and receive payments. Please find the special link at Bettonus website and fill the necessary form, thank you.

In case potential program member is denied by the payment system, one may not be able to participate.

Please note that Bettonus Bonuses are payed out between 15th and 25th days of every calendar month.

The size of such bonus is to be calculated as reflection of monies spent in poker rooms, bookies, online casinos and trading platforms.

The right is reserved to restrict unprofitable transactions to be included into the potential Bonus payment.

There is no upper limit of the bonus payment, yet, there is the bottom one set to $5. In case the amount is less, it is not to be paid out at all and reset to zero, i.e. it doesn’t accumulate.

ecoPayz users shall expect all kinds of help and support as well as exclusive conditions on account of Bettonus.

Bettonus shall take any responsibility, in case disagreement takes place between a user and payment system.

Bettonus reserves the right to limit or completely cease all of its obligations, in case user is suspected or caught upon commit of fraud.

Bettonus reserves the right to make further changes to the existing list of terms and conditions, yet, notifying its customers and users.

Disputes are reasonably welcome but the decision of the administration is to be considered as final and not to be changed.

Any potentially threatening acts as to the payment system or the project are not to be tolerated, and the one caught committing them is to be excluded from the Bonus Program and banned. Bettonus shall not perform any of its obligations to such individual under such conditions.

Please note that during the process of filling in an application form at your website or via providing your personal data to our specialists (by the means of emails, live chats, messengers or the like), you are effectively providing us with the right and explicit context for processing your data in accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law No. 152 of 07.27.2006 (ed. 02.22.2017).

However, please be reassured that information is to be used only for the purposes of improvement of customer service we provide as well as various kinds of support. The information is not to be shared with any third parties as individuals or organizations.