The higher your level is, within the ecoPayz account,

the more benefits you are guaranteed to receive from Bettonus:

  • as long as your account is verified, your Gold Level stays

with you forever and a day, free of charge;

  • great chance of upgrading to VIP level upon rather nice terms.

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ecoPayz offers a number of premium LEVELS to choose from


Our math is rather simple, the more transactions fly through your ecoAccount, the quicker you grow in terms of Level, opting up new doors to new perks, such as lower fees but higher limits multiplied by constantly increasing functionality.

What is the path to Premium Level?

Once you are assigned a particular level, it can only go up but never goes down;

The level stays with you for eternity, as long as you hold your account with us.

Yet, you do need to comply with the following conditions, so to have it grow:

Level Standard terms Bettonus terms
Classic Registration required
Silver Verification required
Gold • Bank card verification required, also hold silver ecoAccount for at least 30 days;

• Deposits of €2500 or €5000 are required using your card or transferring from the bank account respectively;

• Spend at least 25K euro with various online merchants or traders.

Verification required
Platinum • Hold Gold ecoAccount for at least 30 days period;

• Obtain and activate ecoCard*;

• Dedicate at least 50K euro to various online shopping.

VIP • Hold Platinum ecoAccount for the duration of 30 days minimum;

• Receive and activate ecoCard;

• Online spending needs to go as high as at least 250K euro.

Need to deposit €10K in total to merchants

*ecoCard and ecoVirtualCard are available to EU and EAA countries.

What is the realistic timing for an account Level upgrade?

In the case of acting under the standard terms, it may take up to two workdays. However, Bettonus users can benefit from getting things done only within 24 hours. Normally, such users should receive an email notification about the level upgrade within the stated period. Please, let us guide you through the potential ministrations and benefits of various ecoPayz levels. In below, we have conveniently provided the full account of the prime differences in terms of using ecoPayz wallet with various levels:

Classic Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Transactions within the accounts belonging to you free
Internal transactions (p2p) 1.5%

min €0.5

Ordering of cards 1 3
Amount of ecoVirtualCard per day 3 4 5 6
Currency exchange fee 2.99% 1.49% 1.25%
Maximum balance of your account €2500 €15000 €100000 €120000 unlimited
Maximum number of transactions €2500 unlimited
Maximum transfer amount to another user per transaction €1500 €3000 €3500 €25000
Daily deposit limit by credit or debit card €200 €3000 €5000 €6000 €7000
Bank account Deposit upper limit €1000 €15000 €100000 €120000 €140000

Get yourself registered using Bettonus link and the following is 100% guaranteed:

ecoPayz level Gold comes to you free of charge, given that your account is verified;

VIP level at rather nice terms.

Register yourself to Bettonus and timeless Gold level is guaranteed!