Bettonus – fast line for the ecoAccount verification!


  • please register your account following this link;
  • in order to join the highly beneficial loyalty program, please send us an application form;
  • verification processes passed within just 24 hours;
  • now you can upgrade the Gold level for free.


Sign up to ecoPayz


Account verification process often comes as complete shock to potential users as it is too complicated and long way. Yet, it is not the case with ecoPayz payment system by all means, so that many users happily subscribed to our loyalty program!

Staying with us means:

  • unique opportunity to pass verification process just within 24 hours;
  • usually there is no need for selfies with your passport or any other documents of a kind, so to confirm the ownership of the account;
  • full and long-lasting all-in-one support during the verification process and beyond.

In case you may encounter any additional queries, our online staff is always prepared to give you their helping hand. Just ask.


Identify verification process


It requires one of scanned or pictured document as follows:

  • current and actual passport, in particular, page containing your latest photo and personal information;
  • travel passport or document, the relevant pages with photo and personal info;
  • both sides of driving license;
  • both sides of ID card.


Residence address verification


It requires the scan or photo of one of the following documents:

  • the latest utility bill, given that it contains the same name and address provided during the registration of your account;
  • the latest bank statement, containing clear vision of your full name and address;
  • any other official document containing the above mentioned information, probably stamped and signed by an official authority.

Please note, that it’s obvious for all EU non-residents to provide the documents proofing the source of income. Don’t forget to add it.


What are the essential document’s requirements?


Please pay maximum attention to the list of documents and corresponding requirements, in case these are not met, you may not pass the verification process and hence, not be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of using ecoPayz account.

  • Screenshots would not be accepted but only the original scans, pictures or color copies of the named documents.
  • Edges, corners and frames of the documents must be clearly visible, whereas overexposed, cut or over-zoomed ones would not be appropriate for verification process.
  • All of the above docs must come in top quality, so to be easily readable.
  • Each document should not exceed the 1 Mb size.
  • Date of issue should not exceed 3 months period, whereas other documents must not be expired.


Where the fast verification documents should be send to?


Please forward an email with attached files to the following address:, which is the official email address for the ecoPayz payment system.

The above email needs to come from the email address you have originally specified during the registration process of opening your account. The level of your documents will be notified to you via email letter.

Importantly, you can be upgraded to the permanent Gold level after full verification of your identity and your account respectively. Then you are to be given a chance to obtain the VIP level on the basis of depositing €10,000 to the bookmakers.

Fast verification with Bettonus comes after sighing up to our loyalty program!