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Basically, given that you are using your Skrill wallet, practically, most prominent European betting sites are at your service. Just have a look at the largest below:

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Skrill is good, do you know why? Simply because it is handy, rapid, and trustworthy. Solid.

Mind you, Skrill is a British payment system, which does suggest some reputation but also, it is regulated by the Irish Central Bank along with the status of an official e-money provider. It is certainly worth mentioning the reach of the system to more than 200 countries and using 40 different currencies.

The above, really makes it extremely popular among betting gamblers, yet, please allow us to list the benefits as follows:


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  • Fully authorized by the Europian regulator (that really means the whole lot) further reinforced by the maximum rate of security achieved via the use of the latest field technology.
  • Transactions are very rapid, regardless, whether you are depositing or withdrawing.
  • A prepaid card really comes in hand, whenever you need it.
  • Availability of VIP levels provides you with simple but valuable benefits such as the higher you are in the hierarchy, the more money you skim.
  • Can be used in most European online betting shops.
  • The wallet is compatible with any of your gadgets.


Bettonus gives you even more benefits and bonuses using Skrill


  • VIP Silver from Bettonus. You can get VIP Silver faster by making deposits from Skrill to the bookies you like. Usually, you have to deposit €15,000 during a quarter but for Bettonus users the amount is reduced to €5,000. The VIP Silver Level is available on request. After fulfillment of conditions on deposits, you need to fill out the application again to notify our support that you are ready to upgrade your account. Or simply write to our online chat.
  • Priority verification. Holds a number of perks. In particular, there is no need to deposit €5 upon entry but simply enjoy the fast and comfortable service.
  • Skilled online support. In case you may have queries, everything can be sorted out in almost no time, using the real-time chat at online support by our professional and friendly support team.


Don’t miss out on your truly unique Skrill Prepaid MasterCard!

In case you may need to send money around Europe, Skrill Prepaid MasterCard is probably one of the best options as to its features in speed and rates. Should you need to withdraw some cash, the following rates apply: 1.75% for users without VIP level, no fee for Silver level, and beyond. The card issue fee is €10, but wouldn’t cost anything, in case you hold VIP.


Expose yourself to the maximum profits using Skrill!


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Bettonus provides extraordinary benefits:

  • Revolutionary ever constantly developing betting service, making things easier and faster, using the advances of Skrill payment system, i.e. withdrawals and deposits like a piece of a cake.
  • Bettonus customer support will definitely answer all of your questions and bounce you with the best options available.
  • Bettonus doesn’t only assist you in playing but also helps with transfers and withdraws of your wins throughout the betting venues in the whole of Europe.


Bettonus takes customer service beyond the point of obsession, making bettors’ stressful life much easier and smoother. Don’t hesitate, Get on board!