Passing verification with Bettonus will lift your e-wallet’s limits!


  • there are no entry fees;
  • but there is the priority path for you;
  • and, beyond the point of obsession support;
  • don’t forget about our Bronze Pro and Silver Levels.

Sign up to NETELLER


Straight after registering your NETELLER account, you can and really should, proceed to the verification process, so to get rid of e-wallet limitations as well as totally secure it.


The reasons why you should pass verification with Bettonus:


  • We do not charge you an entry fee as many other systems may do.
  • We do offer 100% priority and fast line mode to you, without having to wait around 5 long days.
  • Our friendly and super trained managers are always at your service, should you encounter any problems or have questions to ask.

The idea is pretty simple, verification of your account delivers you much more freedom and safety. Transactions are almost unlimited and very safe. However, in case you still have the unverified account, you are limited to $2000 USD per year in total, applicable to all kinds of transactions, for instance, such as deposits, transfers, and the like. It looks like more of owning a sports car but not being able to drive it fast.


A few options to use when it comes to the verification process:


  • Straight forward standard verification via NETELLER, which requires pictures of your documents to be taken via webcam.
  • Using the NETELLER application itself and proceeding to the verification process.
  • Finally, perhaps a slightly better option rests upon joining our loyalty program and becoming our beloved participant and customer, hence, enjoying the fast-track one, without having to make any deposits. The choice is yours.
  • Given the fact, and we do hope it would be the case if you have all of your documents in place and up to date, verification wouldn’t take more than 24 hours.


Full verification stages


  • Verification of your identity. In simple terms, we need to know that you are you, i.e. upload the document, which proves this fact. Such document may fall into the following range: internal passport or travel passport/travel document, full driver’s license, or ID card (not just proof of age).
  • Verification of residential address. You need some sort of official document, which can verify the address you are living in. It can be a utility bill, bank statement, passport page, or the like, as long as it contains your full address, name, and details of the organization, which sent it or provided it to you.
  • Verification of the account ownership. It is time to take some selfies! We need you to hold the above-named documents along with clearly written note NETELLER in your hands as well as the dates of the event. That is required, so to make sure that all provided documents do belong to the NETELLER account holder.


Please address your attention to the following detailed outline of the process of passing NETELLER payment system verification. It is presented in a step by step form for your convenience.

  • Step 1. Please go to the main page of your NETELLER account and find “Account overview”, it should be on your right. It should inform you of your account status, in case the verification process has not been started yet or you have your documents in the progress of verification, your status would be “Unverified”. In such a case, please press the green “Unverified” button, so to be able to choose from one of the verification options available to you. Being our valued user, we advise you to click on the 3-рd item – “Upload Photos”. This is the most optimal and fast way to confirm for Bettonus customers.
  • Step 2. Please proceed to the identity verification. Then select the type of document you are about to upload as well as the country it was issued in or by. Upload it and click “Confirm”.
  • Step 3. At this stage, there is a need to verify the account ownership. In order to do so, please take a selfie using your webcam.
  • Step 4. Over here, you need to verify your current residential address, the one you are living in. Hence, you need to upload a color copy or scan of such document. Please note, that it should be clear, readable, and without a touch of any graphical amendments. Otherwise, it may be rejected.
  • Step 5. Well done. The most complicated phases are passed. Time to wait for the review results, which unfortunately may take some time. Sorry, but your personal Security really matters to us.

Your documents’ verification status is to be displayed in a separate window called «Summary».


Some reasonable requirements to the documents you provide


  • All of the documents must be easy to read and see, contain good quality images and colors, regardless of the fact, whether those are scans, photos, or copies. No cut corners please or fingers within. Thank you.
  • All files must not exceed 5MB size per piece and be in * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .bmp, * .gif, * .png or * .pdf format.
  • Any sign of graphical amendment may not just lead to verification failure but even block your account. Hence, please treat this seriously. We are very concerned when it comes to the security of our clients.

Please feel free to contact our support team, should you have any hesitations or questions about NETELLER account registration and verification. Don’t forget that you need to make deposits and notify us about that via chat or application below to get your VIP Silver.

We are here to help and assist you in any reasonable way.