Bettonus Affiliate & Loyalty program  is equivalent to the following points:

  • flex win-win partnership;
  • user’s deposits result in monthly bonus payments;
  • excellent tools available, so to make profits even higher;
  • partnership marketing;
  • individual support throughout and beyond.

become a partner

No worries, in case you don’t have a website as it is not essential. Bettonus recognizes, facilitates, and supports partnerships via your own online platform.

Potential benefits of Bettonus Affiliate & Loyalty Program

  • Partner rewards grow in line with a number of customers being attracted and deposits made.
  • Partner is to receive one’s reward, regardless of timing as to the deposits made by the clients of online bookies.
  • Partner is eligible to offer unique Bettonus bonuses on one’s behalf directly to their client.
  • Partner is very welcome to discuss with Bettonus potential advertising to be placed on one’s website or any other platform.
  • Partners can rely on Bettonus to provide full technical support to one’s customers.
  • Bettonus guarantees to deal with any matters or issues at any stage of cooperation with its partner.

Bettonus is not just suitable but rather adapted to various business needs

Please choose by yourself, the potential variation of cooperation, so as to increase potential profits to the maximum possible scope.

Volume Share

Especially suitable to those, whose clients make numerous deposits each month. In particular, potential Partner commission shall depend upon the volume of turnover begging with 0.7% and loads of potential room for growth. Perhaps, this option would be optimum for those Partners, with many clients of small and medium-size.

Revenue Share

This option should be of interest to those potential Partners, primarily dealing with medium and large clients. Reward payments are calculated and tailored on an individual basis. For instance, in case your customers make deposits up to €10.000 per month, you should be eligible for a 20% Revenue Share.

How to optimize and later, maximize, potential profits with Bettonus?

Opting for the right and reasonable, talking of you and your preferences, right type of partnership would certainly help a lot. In fact, Bettonus offers two very different, yet, fit all partnership programs, so to be able to satisfy those operating different platforms.

Attracting and importantly maintaining a loyal audience is of somewhat great advantage. In more detail, partners operating various informational sources (platforms, websites, social pages, and the like) need to provide their customers with common, yet, interesting topics to be constantly attracted to. Making sure that customers are regularly updated upon it (via newsletters, emails, and the like) perhaps special offers and promotions would also help a lot. Importantly, all addressed questions or issues need to be answered or dealt with in no time. Bettonus can certainly help you on this one!

Reasonably push and initiate customers, so to make their deposit, ideally on regular basis. Various advertising and promotion tools and vehicles can be employed, whereas Bettonus can help you with the preparation of texts, gunners, or videos. It is vital to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

The formula is pretty simple, more deposits lead to bigger profits.

How do you become Bettonus Affiliate and Bonus program participant

Please take your time, carefully complete, and send us the participation application form.

Read in detail the terms and conditions of partnership, possibly discuss it further with our friendly, yet, very professional managers.

Then you are to receive your personal Affiliate link.

Promote our bonuses to your customers, so we could reward you!

Oh well, in case you are ready to get them sweet profits from online bookies, go on, start with filling the application form now, not wasting any time, and we will contact you ASAP!