Bettonus bonuses are all yours, once you sign up to Skrill! All you need to do is not much, really:


  • follow the link to register an account;
  • join our unique loyalty program.
  • pass the verification faster;
  • get a VIP Silver cheaper.


Sign up to Skrill


Let’s get started from understanding that the overall Skrill payment system verification process is nice and easy, is not difficult to understand for all of our betting customers. The actual registration can be completed within just a few steps, followed by the preparation of necessary documents required for full e-wallet verification.


How to register to the Skrill payment system?


Please note, that before proceeding any further, it is important to clean up your browser’s cash and cookies, otherwise, it is possible to encounter certain problems joining our loyalty program. The problem may still arise even after successful account registration, which subsequently may lead to limitations as in benefiting of bonuses given for the betting shop deposits.

  • Please follow this link, so to become our valuable program member via starting the registration process. You need to provide your personal information, such as your full name. All of the information need to be in the Latin alphabet and reflect the accuracy as to the indication on your bank statements/utility bills, credit or debit cards. You need to choose your country of residence and prime currency, the one which is to be used for all of the transactions you make (deposits, transfers, etc). It is recommended to opt for Euro, being a relatively stable and widespread currency. Hence, it really makes sense to have your initial wallet in Euro.
  • Then it’s time to provide your most recent and in-use email address, please make sure that the password you use is long and reliable, so to reduce hacking chances. Congratulations on the creation of your new account.
  • Since your account is successfully registered, no need to hesitate and send a filled application form for joining our unique loyalty program. Then effectively pass the verification process and proceed to the joy of using the Skrill account and all of its perks.

Now you can go to the procedure of verification and start to make deposits to bookmakers. When the amount of deposits reaches €5,000, fill out this application again to get the VIP Silver earlier than others.

Just fill in this Bettonus form and enjoy all of its truly endless perks!