It is the very right time to join Bettonus! What are you waiting for?


  • follow the link to register an account;
  • go through the registration process;
  • forward us your application form filled in correctly;
  • finally, confirm your email, please.




Pretty much similar to any other payment system, you should start with the registration of the account. E-wallet ecoAccount can be registered within a number of the following relatively straightforward moves.

All we need you to do is as follows:

  • In order to register your precious account and join the loyalty program, please stick on the link.
  • Fill in the provided application form below. Once checked, we will provide you with a verification email, containing all further instructions you will require to complete the process as well as some very useful information.

Finally, you should receive an email from us, confirming the opening of your account. Hence, please do check your mailbox for updates. Perhaps, junk mail should be also viewed, just in case, it happens to end up there.

Once the verification process completed – no worries, it is smooth and easy. You can start using your ecoAccount without any limits.


What is the procedure of registering within ecoPayz payment system?

Please, follow this link, so to reach ecoPayz website for the special registration form.

The section is not complicated by all means, but you need to pay attention to details. In particular, we need you to fill in your full name (given name and surname), these will comprise your ecoAccount login. Also, provide the recent and most actual email. Finally, choose a highly secure password. We recommend using at least 8 characters.

Follow the above by stating your country of residence as well as choosing the prime currency of your account.

Personal Info

  1. Please, take a step to the “Personal Info” section.
  2. Make sure that all of the information matches the one in your passport or travel document, or as it is stated on your bank card (your full name).
  3. Fill in your given name and surname, followed by your date of birth. Sorry for reminding you, in case it doesn’t concern you but do note that registration is available for adults only, i.e. persons above 18 years of age.
  4. Moreover, state your residential address, which can be proved by an official document, add your actual mobile number and CAPTCHA, which consists of special verification code symbols.

Terms and conditions

Carefully read the provided terms and in case you agree to them, provide your acceptance via clicking the corresponding check box.

Ad Info

Let ecoPayz know, whether it would be appropriate to send you advertising messages, promotions, or news. Note, that it could be sent to you in a form of a text message or a letter to your phone or email correspondingly.

Proofreading of filled-in data and subsequent creation of an account

Spend a little time, double-checking the data you have provided us with, and then, proceed to the creation of your account via selecting the “Create account” option.

Importantly, once the registration form has been filled in, you would be automatically taken to your newly created e-wallet ecoAccount.

Once you go through a full verification procedure, Gold level will be granted and hence, your ecoAccount is to be changed to a multi-currency one, allowing you to use different currencies within only one account.

Well, that’s about it as to the main stages of ecoPayz account registration.

Confirming your email address to ecoPayz system

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “Email address” located on the “Security” tab. Then, click on “Send a verification message”.
  2. The next step is to check your email inbox for the confirmation message from In case you can’t see it, check the “junk” or “spam” mail folder, depending on your email provider.
  3. Within the body of the message, find the link or a button to click, which should take you to the final stage of the email address verification process.

Fill in the form and join our friendly family!