Follow zero panic policy, when it comes to opening NETELLER account – it’s easy!


Sign up to NETELLER


Let’s get things straight, NETELLER registration process is nice and easy. Please note that it is not just about quick registration and verification of the account, but also loads of perks and benefits you can get using it. Hence, what do you need to do, to get things sorted? That is to say of not just correctly registering NETELLER account but also participating in the very attractive and full of the bonuses loyalty program. Simple as a piece of cake:

  • Get that account registered via the link provided.
  • Forward us an application to register you for our loyalty scheme. Don’t forget to check your email for confirmation, please.

That’s it, almost there – enable the double step authentication for the NETELLER account, so to make sure that you get your extra solid security in place, protecting your e-wallet and the personal data within.

Well, what is so special about using the NETELLER payment system with us? The answer is here, all of our users enjoy loads of bonuses and customer care from us. We do value our clients. Please pay attention to this one – you do need to do some cleaning first, i.e. clean up your browser’s cash and cookies, so to allow for our program to connect nicely and smoothly. Sorry, but this one is serious. In case you don’t, you may encounter problems with joining our loyalty program even after setting up your account successfully. This comes from our past experience, hence, be aware.


Detailed guide on how to create an account in NETELLER


No time-wasting, simply follow the link, so to become an active user and enjoy the account benefits.

Moreover, you need to fill the form, including your up-to-date and actively used email address, followed by the creation of not just a reliable but strong password. Yet, we do recommend you take note of it, so to avoid any future login problems. Things happen, we are all humans and tend to forget things. Fill in your name using Latin letters.

Time to choose a currency, although, we suggest opting for the currency you are comfortable with, please note that the whole NETELLER payment system operates in US dollar. Hence, we do advise you to set your prime currency in US dollars but once you are eligible for the VIP Level, you are more than welcome to go for another account, set up in the currency you love the most.

Simply standard things you need to fill in this one – your date of birth, gender, full residential address, and up-to-date mobile phone number.

Then please double-check everything and proceed to click the “Continue” button.

It is vitally important to confirm your phone number. Receive a code and put it into the field.

You should now see the window, containing your Secure ID. The reason for this is that, once it comes to accessing your account using NETELLER mobile app, you should really need it, hence, please take your time and save it properly.

Congrats, my friend. You just compiled the e-wallet registration. Not bad at all, wasn’t it? Oh, by the way, usually new users are asked for an initial deposit at this stage, so to finish the verification process. Lucky you, no need for that with us.


Joining Bettonus loyalty program


  • Send the request though, so as to join our loyalty program.
  • Receive the letter, telling how to get on track with fast verification.
  • Finalize the verification process and get your Bronze Pro.
  • Make deposits and go to our chat to get VIP Silver!

We suppose, it is just the right moment to fill the form, so to join Bettonus and enjoy all the benefits, which should arrive at you with it!