Skála Ítróttarfelag vs Fuglafjørður: prediction for 09.05.2020

Skála Ítróttarfelag vs Fuglafjørður prediction

Skála Ítróttarfelag vs Fuglafjørður prediction

Check out our sports prediction for the upcoming match between Skála Ítróttarfelag and Fuglafjørður. It will be held on May, 9 in the framework of the Faroe Islands Premier League debut round.

Skála Ítróttarfelag

In the last season, the host team managed to achieve 5 victories, zero draws, and 8 losses during home matches. As a result, the players ranked sixth in Meistaradeildin. During those 13 matches, they scored 15 goals but conceded 16. In the last 5 meetings, Skala got 4 victories and 1 loss. As the previous championship showed, Ítróttarfelag turned out to be the most uncompromising team with the minimal number of draws played.


Let’s check how the guests performed in the last season in Meistaradeildin. They ranked ninth in the standings. On their asset, there were 1 win and 1 draw, while the number of losses reached 10. Overall, they kicked 9 goals and conceded 29 during those matches. As for the Fuglafjørður’s away games, the team’s statistics included 1 win, zero draws, and 5 losses with 4 scored and 12 conceded goals. The team was defeated by the rivals in the last five meetings.


The bookmakers’ odds for the host team’s win are 2.20, for the guests’ victory — 2.65, and for a draw — 3.50. As for their personal meetings, Skala defeated Fuglafjørður in the last five matches.

The hosts didn’t lose to the guests in 8 out of the 9 last games. So we recommend placing a handicap for Skala (0) for 1.7. In 8 out of the 10 last matches between these two clubs, both teams kicked goals — check a bet of both will score for 1.6.

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