Ancelotti about the cancellation of Vinícius’ red card

Vinícius’ red card

Carlo Ancelotti commented on the situation with Vinícius Júnior.

During the match of the 35th round of La Liga, Valencia fans insulted Vinícius, calling him a “monkey” and a “fool”. This led to a fight with Real Madrid players. As a result, the game was stopped for 8 minutes.

In the 36th round of La Liga, Real Madrid defeated Rayo Vallecano. Vinícius was not able to enter the field because of an injury.

– How is Vinícius doing?

– He is fine Emotionally. Support these days is good for him. If he did not have a knee injury, he would have played against Rayo Vallecano. We will see if he plays on Saturday or not.

– The Committee cancelled the red card.

– I was surprised, I did not expect it. This red card was a mistake. This is the right decision.

– What do you think about drastic measures to combat racism such as fines and sanctions?

– A lot has happened in two days. Society has assumed a very important responsibility. These measures are a good opportunity. This is a step forward. I hope the decision on this issue will be taken soon.

– Do you think that bias in the work of VAR could have happened at another time?

– This is a very difficult subject. I want to think that it was a one-time mistake and the work is done in an honest manner. I do not know if this has happened in the past.

– Tebas said in an interview with ESPN that he apologises to Vinícius.

– I think it is good. I think everyone has realised what happened. There are many very smart people,” Ancelotti.