Cyprus vs Russia: prediction for 4.09.2021

Cyprus vs Russia prediction

On 4 September 2021, in Nicosia, Cyprus, the local national team will play against the Russian national team. The match will take place as part of the 2022 World Cup qualifying round. The match will start at 19:00 Moscow time. Having made a prediction for the match Cyprus – Russia, we can determine the likely outcome of the match.

how do teams perform in the qualification for the World Cup

The Cypriots in the qualifying stage for the World Cup drew with the national team of Slovakia (0: 0), lost to the Croatian national team (0: 1), defeated Slovenia at home (1: 0), and lost to the national team of Malta (0: 3). After 4 played matches the team is in the last, 6th place in the standings, and scored only four points in the qualifying cycle. The Cypriots scored 1 goal and conceded 4, and are three points behind the leading national teams of Croatia and Russia.

The Russians started the qualifying round quite well, as expected. The team beat Malta at the start of the qualification (3: 1) and then defeated the Slovenian national team (2: 1). However, in the third round of the qualifying cycle, the team of then-Stanislav Cherchesov lost to the Slovak national team. In the fourth round, the Russians, under the leadership of Valery Karpin, were able to draw with the Croatian national team, which was a serious step toward reaching the final of the World Cup. After 4 games played, Russia shares the first line with the Croatian national team – both teams scored seven points. Russia has scored six goals and conceded four goals.

personal confrontation and the likely outcome of the match

The national teams of Cyprus and Russia played five face-to-face games between themselves:

  • 01.09.1996 Russia – Cyprus 4:0;
  • 29.03.1997 Cyprus – Russia 1:1;
  • 12.02.2003 Cyprus – Russia 0:1;
  • 11.06.2019 Russia – Cyprus 1:0;
  • 13.10.2019 Cyprus – Russia 0:5.

The prediction for the match Cyprus – Russia is as follows: The Russian national team, as expected, looks like the favorite of the upcoming match. Valery Karpin’s team showed decent football against the Croatian national team, besides, the Russians are experiencing an emotional uplift associated with the change of the head coach, and the level of skill of the Russian national team is higher. The Cypriots will play defensive football and will try to keep their goalposts intact. However, the fast flanks of the Russian national team and active pressure play will help the team win their first victory under the leadership of a new head coach. The Russian national team will confidently beat their opponent.

The likely outcome of the match is the victory of the Russian national team.