Italy vs Austria: prediction for 26.06.2021

Italy vs Austria prediction

The ⅛-finals (round of 16) of the European Football Championship 2020 will begin on Saturday 26th June 2021 at Wembley Arena in London. The national teams of Italy and Austria will compete for the right to play in the quarterfinals. The match will start at 22:00 Moscow time.

The upcoming match will be between the best team in Group A and the second team in Group C – Italy vs Austria. We hope that our prediction for the match will be correct and will help you to make a winning bet.

The Italian national team 

Roberto Mancini’s charges passed the sieve of the Euro 2020 group round in one breath. Having won all three matches of Group A (3-0 over the Turkish national team, 3-0 over the Swiss national team, and 1-0 over Wales), the Italians earned 9 points and were the first to secure a place in the playoffs. Italy has an impressive goal difference of 7:0.

The Austrian national team

According to the results of the group round, the Austrians won second place in Group C, having gained 6 points. After defeating the North Macedonian national team 3-1, Fod Franco’s charges lost 0-2 to the Netherlands national team. The decisive result for reaching the playoffs was the 1-0 victory over the national team of Ukraine.

Head-to-head statistics

The upcoming game between the national teams of Italy and Austria in the ⅛-finals at Euro 2020 will be the 9th in a row. The Italians were stronger in 5 previous meetings, while the Austrians celebrated victory in one match. The teams drew twice.


Judging by the way the Italians played on the group stage, they shouldn’t have any problems playing against the Austrians. However, it is not a fact that the players of the Austrian national team will surrender without a fight. Nevertheless, the final prediction for Italy vs Austria match is not comforting for the Austrians.

Probable result: the entry of the Italian national team into the next round