Norway vs Gibraltar: prediction for 7.09.2021

Norway vs Gibraltar prediction

On 7 September 2021 at 21:45 Moscow time, the national team of Norway will play against the national team of Gibraltar in a home match. The match will take place as part of the 6th round of the qualifying cycle of the 2022 World Cup. The prediction for the match Norway – Gibraltar will help to identify the favorite of the upcoming match.

how do the teams perform in the current qualifying cycle? 

Before making the prediction for the match Norway – Gibraltar, let’s consider the history of the teams’ performance in the qualification for the world championship. Norway started the qualification with a victory over Gibraltar (3:0), then the team lost to Turkey (0:3), lost to Montenegro (0:1), drew with the Netherlands (1:1), and confidently beat Latvia (0:2) in the previous round. 

The national team of Gibraltar is a clear outsider in the qualifying group. The team lost to Norway (0:3), lost to Montenegro (1:4), suffered a crushing defeat against the Netherlands (0:7), lost to Latvia (1:3) and Turkey (0:3).

After 5 matches played in the qualifying cycle, the national team of Norway takes 3rd place in the qualifying group and has 10 points scored. The team is one point behind leading Turkey, with seven goals scored and four conceded. The national team of Gibraltar, having suffered five defeats in five games, is at the bottom of the standings of the qualifying group G. The team has no points and is distinguished by a horrific goal difference, which is -18 (2 goals scored versus 20 conceded). 

the history of the confrontation and the likely outcome of the match

The teams in the first round of the qualifying cycle have not yet played with each other. To make the prediction for the match Norway – Gibraltar more informative, let’s consider the key aspects of the upcoming match:

  • Norway retains high chances of advancing to the final of the World Cup;
  • Norway is consistently scoring points in matches against group outsiders;
  • Gibraltar conceded 20 goals and scored 2 goals in five matches; 
  • Gibraltar has not won a single victory and is unlikely to end its losing streak; 
  • Norway, on average, scores 1.40 goals per game and concedes 0.80 goals;
  • Gibraltar, on average, scores 0.40 goals per game and concedes 4.00 goals.

The outcome of the upcoming match is obvious – the national team of Norway will beat the football dwarf without any problems and win another three points.

The likely outcome is the victory of Norway.